Applying for a card (which just requires identity verification) takes around three minutes on the ACE Flare Account by MetaBank’s very user-friendly website. Very modern and stylish is the smartphone app as well. Many benefits are available to cardholders that use the MetaBank ACE Flare.

ACE Flare Account Debit Card Benefits

To a flare account, a debit card is just the beginning. These benefits are yours to enjoy with the Ace Flare Card:

Your income and other government benefits will be automatically deposited into your Flare account so you may access them whenever you need them. Any number of features available in the Flare Account may be accessed by making a qualifying direct deposit.

  • If you use your Ace Flare Card for direct deposit, your payment might be processed two days faster.
  • You may get information about your account transactions and more with Anytime Alerts. Among other things, you may send an SMS to let others know your current amount and recent transactions.
  • Holdings in your Flare Account are subject to a 0.07% interest rate.

  • Up to $400 in cash may be withdrawn fee-free from participating ACE Cash Express locations. You must meet the requirements for direct deposit in order to withdraw the funds.
  • You may invest as little or as much as you like since there is no minimum initial commitment needed.
  • Overdraft fees are not applied to accounts that incur overdrafts of less than $10. You will be charged a $20 overdraft fee and given 24 hours to get your balance back to zero if it exceeds $10.
  • When you make qualifying purchases, the cashback benefits you enabled in the Online Account Center or the app will be credited to your account.
  • Receive information, such as details of deposits and transactions, by text message or email. Furthermore, you have the option to constantly examine your statement.